John H Cunningham

Author John H. Cunningham delivers his unique brand of Caribbean adventure from land, sea, and air. Get hooked on his action-adventure Buck Reilly book series.

John H. Cunningham is the author of the best selling multi-book Buck Riley series and The Last Raft, an alternative ending story about the Cuban embargo. John has either lived in or visited the many locations that populate his novels, and he mixes fact with fiction and often includes real people in the cast of characters. Adhering to the old maxim, “write what you know,” John’s books have an authenticity and immediacy that have earned a loyal following and strong reviews. With a degree in International Relations from the University of Maryland, John writes stories that concern themselves with the same tensions and issues that affect all of our lives, and his choices for the places and plots that populate his stories include many settings that he loves, including Key West, Cuba, Jamaica, and multiple Caribbean locations. John is also an Executive Vice President, and Regional Director in New York City for a Real Estate Investment Trust. He splits his time between New York, Virginia and Key West.

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Book Series

Tropical Author Collaborations

What happens when a group of prominent authors in the Tropical Adventure genre collaborate on a novel?

Non-stop exhilarating action-packed thrills… and a ton of fun, that’s what!

These authors have teamed up to intertwine some of their favorite characters in a series that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Whether you’re new to these fan-favorites, or an old friend along for the ride, you’ll love seeing them band together in these tropical action and adventure thrillers!