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How to submit your work to Down Island Press

We are currently accepting submissions in MYSTERY, THRILLER, and SUSPENSE genres, all set upon the intoxicating backdrop that is ocean life. Real page-turning reads with action, tension, and realism is what readers of novels published by Down Island Publishing are used to.

If you would like your work to be considered, please review our submission criteria and requirements.

Key Elements:

  • Word count of 60,000 – 80,000 words.
  • Series fiction is preferred; however, stand-alone novels will also be considered if they met other key elements.
  • Spin off series with secondary characters from an established series are also accepted.
  • The overall tone should be nautical to tropical, tense, edgy, and exciting, with a dash of humor.
  • Well-developed, realistic characters must be drawn together in a situation that is both natural and pulse-pounding.
  • The level of romance should be minimal, with most romantic encounters fading to black at the bedroom door. Some sexual tension and low-level description is acceptable.
  • Subplots extending through the series are encouraged, but each novel must end with a satisfying conclusion of the main plot. No cliff-hangers.

Featured in Down Island Press Novels:

Edge-of-your-seat storylines involving the sea, the beach, beach towns, boats, harbors, bays, marinas, and sea-faring characters moving through a fully developed world – whether real or fictional- are a must. Additionally, there must be believable confrontation between strong, often equally matched but diametrically opposed protagonist and antagonist. Good always triumphs.

Please include the following with your submission:

  • Author Info & Working Summary:
    • Describe your background as it pertains to your writing career. If you have personal experiences that relate to your writing, such as being an attorney, detective, or charter boat captain, etc. please include this. Include your rate of writing production, any other previous published works, links to website and/or social media pages.
    • Synopsis of your manuscript. If you have outlined future works within the series, please include this here. We like to see the journey you plan to take the reader on.
  • The first few chapters of your manuscript. Give us enough to be introduced to the main characters, the plot, and get a feel for the tone, as well as your writing style. We may request your full manuscript at a later date.
  • All manuscripts should be clean and fully polished, showing your best work.

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